ceramic balls

Spheres Ceramic the richest category of ceramic beads. This is a consequence of the popularity of their shape and the fact that the beads in the shape of balls are najwdzięczniejszym material for the manufacture of jewelry. A wide range of sizes from 6 mm to 50 mm and an appropriate selection gradations in both the necklace which the bracelet. We try to select colors that give the possibility of completing the entire collection. Porcelain beads are used both for DIY beginners and advanced in the art of jewelery artists. Small ceramic beads are ideal for weaving on strings and straps as fine jewelry or spacers earrings. The average size of the beads are used in conventional bracelets and necklaces, and large ceramic balls are ideal for pendants. Unlimited imagination of our customers shows how versatile ceramic balls have seen them as knobs for furniture, window decorations, accessories for bags, shoes and curtains. P>