Wheels assembly

Wheels assembly is one of the most desired blanks. They are used to create bracelets, necklaces, earrings, necklaces, and even rings. Wheel assembly is necessary to add most of the pendants, chains and clasps to our jewelery designs. These are some of the basic products that a beginner should buy artisan, when completes his studio. P>

Chainmaille, the jewelry braided rings h3>

It is also the new and old technology. Old, as is medieval chainmail armor, which was performed with a small metal ogniwek and protected knights. Today chainmaille technique used to connect the wheels in a similar manner, but in order to produce jewelry and accessories. Wheels for chainmaille are usually of different sizes, which allows the creation of many shapes. Work best round, but the wheels chainmaille may also be slightly curved and remind split rings. Also can be used various colors wheel assembly so that the jewelry chainmaille becomes more diverse and more readily appreciated delicacy embodiment. P>

Types of mounting wheels offer manzuko h3>

Wheels Mounting find with us in many guises. We offer a "normal" cut circles in several sizes and colors. Thanks to perfectly match the diameter and thickness of the rings that will suit your artistic concept. Additionally, glossy or matt finish in the colors of gold, silver, platinum and others make will be limited to only you! P>

In addition, you'll find springs wheels, also in different colors and sizes. Wheels springs additionally insure small parts and protect them from the "escape". They may be a bit more difficult in assembling the jewelry, but much easier to set them so that they do not worry about the unfolding wheels, as in the case of classic wheels assembly, which may initially "not want to Crease." P>

In this category you will find also split rings to carry jewelry that blend in nicely with the fastenings chains, or can help prolong for a short linker. They are non-standard and require little more skill to Crease them close and not distort their shape. P>

As for the materials, they are caster copper, metal alloy, and stainless steel rings. All of our products are free of cadmium, nickel and lead, however, you decide what you want to do with your jewelry. We only try to provide you with a large selection of reasonably priced and fantastic quality. P>