Jewelry pins and hooks

Pins Jewelry is one of the main semi-finished products to jewelry making. They are used for stringing beads and hanging on the findings, rings or krawatek. Studs are the basic element for the formation of base earrings and pendants with stones. Finished flat tacky jewelry pin - nails are almost not visible, and the pins jewels from a pellet at the end give the effect of a sunken metal bead. In addition to the pins - pins and nails with a pellet hooks you found here, which instead of a flat tip to eye, it also components for jewelry designed to facilitate us to make the project. Pins for jewelry vary in color - can be light silver, dark silver, platinum color, antique bronze or gold - and length - even from short centimeter to several centimeters. It is important that the pins selected for the project were the same color and correspond with the color earwires, wheels mounting fasteners and chains. P>