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Jewelery cords, a wide range of products made of different materials in different thicknesses, and therefore, suitable for many applications. Paracordy, in other strings survival, are links in a colorful braided nylon. Look good, they are strong, and thanks to the wide range of colors are used in jewelry for men and women. Strings for bracelets so. braids, strings are very strong, despite the small thickness. They do not lose their color during prolonged and intensive use. Strings of jewelry that you will find in this category, the semi perfect for beginners as well as for craftsmen hand-made'u veterans. It is also one of the massively used by us, so that we know almost everything about them. P>

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Twine is probably one of the most versatile semi-finished products. Strings are often sought for bracelets, or more broadly - strings for jewelry. But what lies behind such a broad concept? Jewelry strings have many uses, we can use them to create jewelry, clothes recycling, or making decorations. This friendly newcomers blanks, suitable even for children. What's more, in the hands of skilled artists can turn into a real miracle. Span> p>

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Strings for one of the cheaper types of semi-finished craft, making it easier to lose weight is not the money at the beginning of your journey and crafts. For sale are available on the strings meters, making it easy to control the amount of product needed and the money spent on it. For fans buy large amounts of shopping, and rarely - offer better strings are the cops. Span> p>

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In choosing string is important not only its color, but also the material from which it was made. Some strings are easily melt, others are extremely soft to the touch. Depending on the destination string, select the material from which it was made. The most important thing is to pay attention to the thickness of the strings jewelery. If you want to use them for stringing beads, rings, or spacers, we need to make sure that the hole in the intermediate is big enough for our string. Span> p>

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In our shop you will find a whole range of strings for needlework. Careful selection of colors in our offer makes our strings hit the taste of both women and men. Moreover, we present a variety of media, from which the strings are made. Successfully here we will find the strings nylon, cotton, polyester and natural. As a result, regardless of whether you are a lover of macramé or survivalowych adventure, you'll find here the right cord for themselves. Span> p>

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