SEA GLASS Frosted glass beads

Sea glass It means a glass sea, called this collection in this way, because the beads look like a slide, which sometimes decides to throw away the sea to the beach. Such a smooth and dull slides tend to be collected by children, but are also the object of collecting hobby. They arise naturally with sharp pieces of glass, which turned over by marine currents are almost constantly honed. As a result, sharp edges fragments are smoothed and rounded, and the surface of the glass lose smooth surface which, after the period "treatment" becomes dull. Such glass is sometimes used for creating jewelery, often in combination with the timber and the basis of bent wire. Span> p>


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Glass sea can also be produced artificially, it is subjected to mechanical processing vessels in the rock, or dipped in acid, to obtain a matt appearance. This allows you to create frosted glass in every color, in a much shorter time and in the desired shape, without depending on the fate of mother nature. Glass obtained using this technology is sometimes referred to as frosted glass, which means frosted glass. Beads made with this technique scatter light in a gentle manner, have interesting texture and are not on their fingerprints. Span> p>


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the frosted beads offer in a wide range of colors and sizes suitable for making necklaces, earrings, bracelets and above all. The lightness of appearance makes jewelry made from these semi perfectly suited to the creation of the sun, the summer collection. Their texture, which is associated with the beach immediately brings to mind warm moments by the sea. Sea glass beads combined with strings, tassels and wooden balls in a brick a hit among the summer trends. In order to create a universal piece of jewelry or a collection of winter you can reach the darker shades of frosted glass balls and connect them with metal beads and spacers. These beads had a role in the compositions of accent beads of a smooth glass or other materials with even surfaces. Span> p>

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Beads sea glass does not splinter, do not get dirty and do not hook the clothes on. Concerned about your satisfaction we chose the highest quality balls. Just choose your color scheme, combine it with additives and enjoy the unique jewelry for years! Span> p>