Pendants resin

Jewelry resin is still on development. Every season there are new proposals entirely of semi-finished resin. What once more interest in this material has led us to bring a new line of pendants. There are a variety of pendants just filled resin. They have a gold filigree, anti-allergic finish and beautifully made filling. Resin provides many opportunities, so that you can find here pendants have various effects. The interior is some glitter, pearl or siren like tail. Others imitate the multicolored flashes of shells or opals. Next is filled with tortoiseshell or stone-like material. Pendants resin are lightweight and suitable for creating any kind of jewelery. Pendants probably will love as much as we do and they come to your permanent collection. Earrings with these hangers certainly impress, enough sticks with wheel assembly or ear wires and the effect is guaranteed. However prettily present a single pendant on a delicate chain imposed. P>