Base to key chains

The base is typically pendant to the ring or clip, so that secure the pendant wo selected object. The most common choice is the shape of the base circle to the key ring. Other models that have a clasp to the key fob will be easier to use if we are going to przeczepiać keychain in different places. To make a pendant to the base that attach tassel, tassel pendant or charms. Of course this is not the only method, the base of the pendant can be assumed hanger made in any technique jewelry. P>


The use of a base for a pendant h3>

With the bases execute key chains, backpacks, bags, sachets and clothes. Base with small carabiners especially good addition to the clothes with a lock. Thick wheels - carabiners make purse keychain will look really stylish. Key ring is one of the most frequently imported from holiday souvenirs and advertising materials distributed. Pendant to the base, we can secure not only ornaments, but also everyday objects. If you are looking for in your purse always lipsticks, lighters, boxes or Drugs: hook pendant to the base, then trailer it in your purse, so that you will always know where he is. P>


Personalize your accessories h3>

Handmade pendant is another chance personalization. We like to have things special, unique, made especially for us and fit our interests. At the base of the pendant we can hook any tag that will remind us of the wonderful vacation, favorite book, or loved one. P>