Apatite is a commonly occurring mineral from the group of phosphate, occurs in all types of rocks. Its name comes from the Greek, where the word "APAT" means "fraud". Apatite its unflattering name derives from the fact that it is often confused with other minerals. P>

Apatyt- colors and types h3>

Apatity are usually cloudy and slightly translucent, rarely colorless and transparent. They come in blue, green, yellow, brown and gray. The first two colors are commonly used for making jewelry. P>

Apatite blue strong> may be dark or light in color, and sometimes both colors can be found in a single crystal. Blue apatite is considered to be a stone adding ambition, motivation and courage. P>

Apatite green strong> occur in shades of green, yellow-green or sea-green. Apatite light green variety is sometimes called "apatite asparagus." To assist with apathy and negative attitude. P>

yellow apatite, apatite gold strong> has a color of pale yellow-green to a deep golden yellow. Yellow apatite to foster self-confidence and courage, and to help pupils and students to learn. P>

Due to the different dopant elements stand, for example. Hydroxy apatite, apatite, manganese, fluoroapatite, chloroapatite. P>


Apatite - the importance and use h3>

Apatite vehicle is the richest natural phosphorus. Bones and teeth, most animals are composed of calcium phosphate which is the same as apatite. This mineral is indispensable in the chemical, pharmaceutical and is of great importance for the production of fertilizers. The most beautiful items apatite used in the manufacture of jewelry. P>

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