ordinary glass

The glass is extremely interesting material craft. For centuries, it is used in almost every kind of decoration. We see them in the stained glass windows of historic churches, in the form of beautiful figurines, vases, sculptures and jewelry. Thanks to the technological development of the world today, glass beads offers all imaginable shapes and colors. Glass beads for threading a hit for many years. They are often one of the first semi-finished products, they buy a beginner craftsmen. Nothing dziwnego- is a beautiful, easy to use and grateful material to work with, the price is often lower than the natural materials. P>

Is simply mean worse? H3>

Call your product seems to be something ordinary marketing shot in the knee. However, we believe that this product ordinariness is something to be valued, not hide. We believe that the product does not have to be unique and something very expensive that was valuable. The simplicity of our glass beads allows you to play with combining this material with other blanks. Glass beads can create a background for other products, so that the whole project is not overwhelming. P>

Additionally, these simple beads perfectly fit into the strict and minimalist trends of recent years. On the runways of top designers see design that captivates the simplicity and austerity. Appropriately selected jewelry from single-color beads allows you to accentuate the clothes, eyes or skin color of the person who wears it. It is also a great idea for people who do not like intricate designs and extravagant accessories. P>

glass beads in normal manzuko h3>

This category is a mixture of colors, finishes and shapes. You will find beads made in manufactories, by machine or by hand. Some are matte, others have a sparkle or sheen reminiscent of spilled gasoline. We offer a variety of shapes - from simple balls to beads in the shape of flowers and bottles. Glass is transparent, translucent or opaque. Beads these links, but one - impeccable quality. Regardless of the finish, and shape we take care to present our products we are of the highest quality. Our glass beads they will not break and does not splinter. P>

Discover the timeless and universal blanks and treat yourself to a glass of fantasy. P>