The name comes from Greek and means "spotted stone", which is very literal in the case of this mineral. Jasper find the colors brown, yellow, red and green, but all will have distinctive patterns on its surface. P>

By the esoteric sometimes called "balm for the soul," is attributed to him to support the partnership, start a family. Apparently supports peace and harmony in relationships. Proponents of alternative medicine believe that it supports the immune system, helps in the treatment of liver and kidney, and also improves eyesight and hearing. P>

History jasper h3>

The Jasper was one of the most precious stones in antiquity. In the legends he was called "the mother of all stones", which allegedly was the mass of magical abilities. The use of jasper was very common. They were used for the manufacture of seals, small sculptures, sacred objects and jewelry. They created them also amulets, which were supposed to protect the owner and bring him much luck. P>

The Jasper was one of the twelve precious stones decorate the pectoral High Priest in the Temple. Each mineral has to mean one of the tribes of Israel, jasper symbolized the tribe of Judah, in which Jesus lived. Also in the Bible, we find mention of this stone in Revelation. John the author used it as a symbol of Christ- God. P>

mosaic mineral h3>

This stone is fairly hard stone Mohs 6.5-7 granted him. Due to the variety of colors, as well as the uniqueness of each crystal jasper are very popular in jewelry and other artistic crafts. Different varieties of jade may form extremely fine collection, and interestingly this stone is sometimes used as a liner material. P>

The beauty of some of jasper is sometimes artificially supported by permanent staining. This is particularly true picasso jasper, which are reddish-brown and greenish hues. Unusual variation patterns that nature creates on the stones, makes even seemingly trivial bracelet with beads transformed into a beautiful decoration. P>