Mannequins and displays for jewelery

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Jewelry enjoys most of us. Whether you love small and minimalist additions, or time-consuming sutaszu earrings necklaces and large, it's just your eyes enjoy the sight of her. We want your jewelry beautifully presented while wearing it, but do not forget about the beautiful appearance when you do not have it on me. Span> p>

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The jewelry should be store in an appropriate way to long to enjoy its perfect appearance. Of course, you do not want in your house hold countless dummies, but it is worth investing in boxes or hangers for jewelry. Jewelery boxes mainly associated with giving and receiving trinkets. This is not all, they enable secure storage of earrings or rings. With pudełkom not expose them to mechanical damage or high humidity in the room. Span> p>

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hangers jewelry suitable for storing everything from hanging earrings, the rings, to bracelets and necklaces. They are often a decorative element feminine bedroom or dressing room. Facilitate storage chains, avoiding their entanglement, thereby reducing the risk of interruption, scratching and dulling. Span> p>

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If you are crafts retailer, you probably spend more time to find suitable methods of presenting their works. With the help will come mannequins and displays for jewelry. Of course, boxes and hangers you may also be useful in the creation of your exhibition. Mannequins jewelry is the most common form of the issue. Resembling a human silhouette help the customer visualize how the product will look like on them, which can encourage or discourage a potential buyer. Therefore, should choose a mannequin that will fit into your jewelry. Span> p>

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Displays to jewelry found in many scenes. They allow presentation of numerous pieces of jewelry, while maintaining its shape. Displays can also be very useful in the transport of jewelery, properly secured will allow for the transport of your products without the risk of damage and change form. Span> p>


Whatever whether you're selling jewelry, or just have it quite a collection, remember that its storage and maintenance are as important as the performance of high-quality products. In manzuko we try to take into account every aspect of the production, sale and use of jewelry, you could enjoy it as long as possible. Span> p>