Pendants sailor and marine

Where did the sailor style? H3>

style sailor probably it derives from the nineteenth century, a young portrait of Edward VII in sailor costume. This picture probably inspired many English mothers to render their children like clothes. However, it was in the first half of the twentieth century, the real trend. Coco Chanel started it, that inspired a comfortable and pleasing to the touch clothes fishermen. Contrasting colors and stripes seemed designer elegant in its simplicity and style sailor as he began his conquest of our hearts. Dressup sailor quickly fell in love with, among others, Picasso, Hemingway, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Audrey Hepburn. Span> p>

How reflect the style sailor in jewelry? span> h3>

The first thing comes to mind is characteristic of a maritime-style colors: white, navy blue and red. It is in these colors most often find jewelery souvenirs from the sea. These colors are also expressive, but also fit most simple, everyday styling. Span> p>


This style is more directly reflect pendants sailor. These are perfect additions to the bracelets for the summer. Pendants anchors, rudders, sailboats, or wind roses are the most common choices. They are also great gift ideas for lovers of sailing. Less obvious are the pendants fish, octopus, turtles or crabs. In recent years they have gained immense popularity shells both natural and artificial, such as metal pendants. P>

Pendants sailor in our shop span> h3>


Viewing wide offer hangers in sailor style. You will find both pendant alloy metal in the color of silver, gold, antique bronze, and platinum. In addition, there are oxidized pendants, as well as enamel. Discover our pendants tropical, marine and sailor. And let yourself be inspired by this classic style. Span> p>