Suede weaves

Suede weaves are another version of these fashionable semi-finished products. Although they have been extremely fashionable for only a few years, the first of them were created in the 14th century. Originally they were decorated with sabers of noblemen, soldiers' horns and belts of powerful lords. Today it is a common accessory and a semi-finished product for making jewelry. We can find them in both men's and women's accessories. The suede weaves offer a slightly heavier and raw look, yet still retain a light feel for a blank. They add color, volume and character to jewelry and accessories, regardless of the season.

How to use suede tassels?

This semi-finished product can definitely be used in jewelry all year round. Contrary to the light and airy tassels, the suede ones are perfect for both summer and autumn-winter stylizations. Suede tassels are great as earrings, accessories for necklaces and bracelets. In addition, they are a perfect complement to key rings. What's more, you can successfully use them as an ornament on shoes, handbags and wallets - they blend in wonderfully with leather and wooden elements. You can combine suede plaits with wooden beads, ceramics, strings and thongs.

Suede weaves on offer from

We present you a wide selection of suede tassels. In this category you will find semi-finished products in all colors of the rainbow. The suede used for their production is dyed with intense colors that do not fade or wash out. We offer not only a variety of sizes, but also shapes of weeds. Here you will find simple, chrysanthemum-like tassels and other flowers. What's more, the fittings of our tassels are made of high-quality non-allergenic metal alloys. These fittings are available in all the desired colors, from gold, through silver and platinum, to antique bronze.