Cord for shamballa bracelets and macramé

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Shamballa and macramé is extremely popular handicraft techniques. Fashion partly stems from such techniques. Weaving is a relaxing activity that can be done almost anywhere, whether in the studio, living room or in the garden. Moreover, none of these techniques does not require special tools, which makes them great for people taking their first steps in the world of crafts. Span> p>

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Twine for macramé, or technique should primarily shamballa easy to get involve in durable knots. These strings should also be very resistant to wear your jewelry to be sustainable. Nylon cord may initially be a difficult material, because it has quite a slippery surface. If you are not adept at handling the product, pay special attention to the strength of binding knots. However, a well-knotted nylon rope is an excellent base for macramé and Shamballah. Easy it is intertwined in his fingers, is a nice touch and limp, making it a pleasure to use. Span> p>

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Nylon is fusible plastics, which enables the aesthetic and durable protection against the string disentangle. It is slightly flexible, which "forgives" minor errors in the measurements. This slightly shiny, braided cord will give your projects an interesting texture and shine. In addition, its vivid colors do not fade, making jewelry for a long time retain its original appearance. Span> p>

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In our offer you will find a full range of vibrant and pastel colors string ideal for weaving. Our strings are made from high quality nylon resistant to fading. They are strong and durable, yet pleasant to the touch and very aesthetic, which combines all the qualities of a perfect string. Beautifully combine with glass beads, metal or natural, and their resistance to abrasion immunizes them. Their small diameter allows for any combination not only of beads, but the spacers and hangers. What's more, these strings are sold on spools, which increases the comfort of use and storage. Span> p>

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