Fringes fans and material flowers

This is an extremely unique and new subcategory Khvostov. In his appearance significantly differ from the original few hundred years ago. These unusual shapes were created in response to the growing demand in recent years on the fringes. They enable quick and easy to create spectacular jewelry. They are the perfect solution for those who love crafts, but their free time and manual skills leave a lot to be desired. To make beautiful earrings, tassels simply connect fans with flowers or metal framed and voila! Span> p>

Fringes flowers in the shop span> h3>

Fringes flowers They come in various shapes, sizes and colors. They are made of suede, organza, satin viscose or viscose. The diversity of materials makes it easy to get a diverse look and effect of flowers. These organza look extremely light, airy and girly, and suede are a bit heavier and crude in appearance, so are perfect for the autumn-winter additives. All of our flowers are finished with tassels metal fittings and caps for your convenience. Span> p>

Fringes fans in our offer span> h3>

Fringes fans is a collection of semi-finished products inspired by exotic cultures. They are full of vibrant colors and volume. Made of viscose or cotton are composed of several connected smaller Khvostov frame. Our fan Fringes are cut so that no thread does not protrude from the line. Moreover, most Khvostov in this category is decorated with colored or metallic thread. Span> p>