single Fringes

Fringes The single largest category Khvostov on our website. You can find them in many colors, sizes and finishes. What's more, this group include Fringes of viscose, nylon, cotton and suede. Among individual Khvostov find classic tassels - knotted cord, but also complete wheel assembly, fitting or crocheted cap. Regardless of whether you start your adventure with the use of Khvostov, whether you know them for a long time, tassels are single unchanging classic, which everyone comes back. P>

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Micro Fringes span> h4>

Absolutely charming tiny tassels are a great addition to bracelets and light, hanging earrings. They are made of cotton and the collected metal wedding ring. Additionally attached circle has been mounting in the color rings, so these miniature tassels are extremely easy to use. Span> p>

Classic Fringes span> h4>

Classic Fringes in our offer we are made of strands of nylon, viscose and cotton. They come in many colors and sizes, so you can easily found the perfect fit for your needs. They can be mounted using mounting wheels, and paste them in the holder. Span> p>

Fringes of crocheted cap span> h4>

An extremely refined Fringes with crocheted trim is for people who love attention to the smallest details. The whole tassel is made of viscose with ensuring equal weave elegant look. The head is made of a wooden base and surrounded by crochet decoration. The base is a hole that allows easy threading tassel on the wire, cord, or a pin. Span> p>

Fringes plaited span> h4>

These long fringes for creating hanging earrings, necklaces, key chains but ornaments and handbags. They weaved their head that makes them look extremely special. On top of woven Khvostov is a braided mesh for easy installation. Viscose used for their production is sleek and durable, which further emphasizes the elegance of woven Khvostov. Span> p>

Fringes ombre span> h4>

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This Fringes single, which are the most trendy. Our tassels are beautiful ombre color gradients on viscose threads. They are terminated cord by which we can thread the cap, adding the new character. This string can also simply serve as part of the end tassel. Fringes ombre look best in long earrings, but especially good in brelokach or additions to the bags. Span> p>