Threads for jewelry

thread jewelry are often overlooked blanks. They seem exciting enough, almost identical to the thread that most of our grandmothers kept in a biscuit tin. However, nothing could be more wrong. Threads of jewelery are used in many handicraft techniques, such as braid, beading or embroidery bead. Additionally, suitable for use in weaving and scrapbooking. Thicker thread jewelry also prove themselves as inflexible base for bracelets or necklaces. Span> p>

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Our thread jewelery can be divided into two main categories. The first of these include classic strand of jewels monochrome or multicolored. They are characterized by not only aesthetic appearance, but also strength necessary to ensure the durability of your jewelry. The second category are metallic threads, which are generally thinner and more delicate than their classical prototypes. Metallized threads are modern and fashionable choice for all fans of glamor. There are versions in monochrome and color blends. These shiny threads are ideally suited as the main material of your work, as well as a slight accent variety to a project. Span> p>

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All threads jewels in our offer are sold on polyester thread spools. This ensures that we can offer you yarns that are stain resistant, do not crush and do not tangle. In addition, polyester fibers perfectly stain and retain their color for a long time, so you do not have to worry about fading or argue colors in your jewelry. These synthetic threads are extremely resistant to friction, which works well in handicrafts. Fusible polyester makes it easy for us on the final processing and protection of our work. Span> p>