braided cord

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Twine used as a decoration for thousands of years. With the development of technology to produce beads and began to melt metals, therefore the rope decorations lost their popularity. However, again today we reach this friendly blank. Twine is suitable for the most advanced and novice craftsmen who choose it, following the fashion. Strings combine perfectly with the subdued color styling office, can be used in the style streetwear and many subcultures. We see them both in friendship bracelets of our children, as well as on the catwalks of top brands. Plaited strings are one of the most popular strings. They are resistant to destruction, does not crease, they are cheap and deliciously presented. And that's why every year are becoming increasingly popular. Span> p>

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Cord braided You can have many variations. Some are like intricate braided, braids round, while others are arranged in soft tangles of rope. They are made of nylon, which is durable, resistant to pilling and spotting, and in addition to beautiful colors. With this string is ideal for jewelry. Colors are saturated string and do not fade or argue. This is a good decorative cord, which can successfully be used in jewelry and clothing. Thanks to quality workmanship, this decorative string more attractive not only your wardrobe, but the interior! It is suitable for bracelets, necklaces, soutache techniques and many other DIY projects. Braided cord is hot melt, which makes it easy to take care of decent and aesthetic completion of the project. Span> p>

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Twine this we offer a full range of colors. In addition to various types of weave you will find different diameters string, we hope that it will help you create your dream jewelery. Braided cord sell the meter, so you can try out different color combinations and quality of our product, without investing large amounts of material. Span> p>