Miyuki thread

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The Japanese thread beadingu products is one of the most respected companies in the world producing blanks. They come in many different colors, so you can easily hide their presence in their projects, or compose an interesting juxtaposition of colorful threads in bright bead. Span> p>

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Beads Miyuki they are made of nylon or artificial substance which is easily colored, and which is extremely resistant to tension and bending. This durability makes the thread does not break during the weaving, so is less risk of damage to your work, using too strong a pull. In addition, jewelry made from them will serve the owner for many years. Span> p>

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The Japanese Jewelery threads are smooth and shiny, lint, lint and generally not messy. They are a bit stiff, which facilitates weaving, threading, sewing and weaving. Their cross-section is slightly flat, making it easy to slip on them even the smallest beads. Span> p>

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These thin and durable thread works well in beaded embroidery techniques. To facilitate their work, reach for a needle embroidery, fine needles will give the same Japanese brand. These threads allow you to create complex jewelry using only both as beading or beads Kumihimo and combining different materials. Great check in projects sutaszu techniques, and even in typical tailoring. Span> p>

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in our online store you will find many colors Miyuki nylon thread. All are wound on bobbins, making it comfortable to hold and the risk of confusion is low. On each reel is 50 meters nylon filament of 0.2 mm. Span> p>

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