volcanic lava

Technically speaking, this frighteningly hot lava inorganic compounds that have arisen as a result of the volcano. This is what comes to mind talking about beads, is the rock magma. P>

esoteric believed that these stones are focused energy of all elements, which give a sense of connection with Mother Earth. Volcanic lava apparently can focus negative energy and convert it into a positive. Not only affects the person who wears it, but the whole environment. Cleansing the chakras and aura. Protection against negative influences makes jewelry from igneous rocks is the perfect gift. Especially it may be useful to people who need an injection of positive energy in your life. P>

volcanic materials in human life. H3>

igneous rocks can take various forms, therefore, have many applications in daily life. Granites are used as building materials. Porfiry used in the production of road materials. Fonolity are used in the glass and ceramics industry. Basalts and used in the construction of roads, railroads, mineral wool production and concrete. Of course, in many homes you can be found pumeks- volcanic rock used to foot care. P>

Volcanic Products in jewelry h3>

Raw appearance and interesting origin of these products to attract supporters of unusual jewelry. From year to year it is gaining more followers, even among men. It is the perfect addition to the minimalist styling. The porous structure of the beads makes it extremely light-weight allows a larger wearing necklaces and bracelets without discomfort. P>