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Koraliki szkło akrylowe lekkie kulki 14mm kremowe 30szt /sznur XYAPKS1404

Acrylic glass beads light 14mm cream beads 30pcs / rope XYAPKS1404

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Sales unit: 30 pcs / string.
Material: acrylic glass
Color: cream
Dimensions: 14 [mm]
Hole diameter: approx. 0.8 [mm]

Beads made of acrylic glass, balls with a diameter of 14 mm, beautiful cream color. Beautiful color, very careful workmanship, quality, durability - the perfect material for bracelets. Beads from the series with the use of cotton, thanks to this treatment are lighter. Cotton gives them one more feature, under a smooth layer of color and acrylic glass, the cotton structure has been preserved, which gives them an unusual appearance.

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