Zawieszki monetki 12mm/ opalizujący nude / Żywica Art Deco / 4szt XZR8001

12mm coin pendants / iridescent nude / Art Deco resin / 4pcs XZR8001

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Sales unit: 4 [pcs.]
Material: eco-friendly resin
Dimensions: 12 [mm]
Hole diameter: 1.1 [mm]
Color: cream

Peach 12 mm coin pendants made of ecological resin. Pendants resemble pearl buttons, iridescent streaks give it an interesting, flickering character. The pearl accessory gives it a noble look and adds eye-catching reflections. Pendants can successfully decorate bracelets, earrings, or be accessories for key rings, handbag pendants or necklaces.

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