Bazy medalionów pod kaboszony 40mm platynowe 52x43x3mm 1szt OKWI40PL01

Medallion bases for cabochons 40mm platinum 52x43x3mm 1pc OKWI40PL01

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Sales unit: 1 pc.
Color: platinum
Material: antiallergic metal, nickel and lead free
Dimensions: 52 x 43 x 3 [mm]

Classic, platinum mounts for cabochons, whether glass, wooden or resin, enjoy unflagging popularity. Choosing the right, personalized graphics gives you almost unlimited possibilities. In such a large medallion, mandalas will look beautiful, but also other geometric graphics or fashionable photos of nature. The luminaire is compatible with KBSZ40, a glass cabochon with a diameter of 40mm.

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