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Buy products with a 30% discount"




1. These regulations specify the general conditions and principles on which

there is a "CREATIVE WEEKEND - Buy products" promotion

with a discount of up to -24%" (hereinafter referred to as the "Promotion") run by

Koniarscy S.C. Zuzanna Koniarska, Mateusz Koniarski with headquarters

in Człuchów via the website

(hereinafter referred to as the "Website").

§ 1 Definitions

1. Customer - means the entity for which, in accordance with the Regulations

Online Store and legal provisions may provide services

electronically or with whom a Sales Agreement may be concluded.

2. Regulations - means these regulations of the Promotion.

3. Online Store Regulations - means sales regulations

and providing services electronically, available on the Store's website


4. Online Store - an online store operating in the domain:, owned by the Organizer.

5. Seller (Organizer) - means:

a) Mateusz Koniarski running a business under

Koniarscy S.C. company Zuzanna Koniarska, Mateusz Koniarski with headquarters

in Człuchów (77-300), ul. Rzemieślnicza 29, NIP: 8431569140,

REGON: 387156765, entered into the Central Registration and Information

on Economic Activity conducted by the Minister of Development,

Work and Technology;

b) Zuzanna Koniarska running a business under:

Koniarscy S.C. company Zuzanna Koniarska, Mateusz Koniarski

based in Człuchów (77-300), ul. Rzemieślnicza 29, NIP:

8431243556, REGON: 770927284, entered into the Central

Records and Information on Business Activities

by the Minister of Development, Labor and Technology;

acting as partners in the civil partnership Koniarscy S.C. Susanna

Koniarska, Mateusz Koniarski based in Człuchów (77-300), ul.

Rzemieślnicza 29, NIP: 843-10-74-220, REGON: 770820882; e-mail:

BDO number - 000000000.

6. Store Website - means the websites under which

The Organizer runs an Online Store operating in the domain: It exists as part of the Store Website

possibility of making a purchase and concluding a Sales Agreement with

Seller, including taking advantage of the Promotion.

7. Store Website - means the websites under which

The Seller runs an Online Store operating on a domain

8. Discount code - means the AFTERPARTY30 code, which can be used for a discount

the amount for which the Sales Agreement is concluded by 30%

9. Promotion Participant - means a Customer who has met the conditions set out in §3


10.Sales contract - means a sales contract concluded remotely,

under the terms specified in the Regulations of the Online Store, among others

the Customer and the Seller.

§ 2 General provisions

1. The promotion lasts from MAY 11, 2024 00:01. until MAY 12, 2024 23:59.

2. The content of these Promotion Regulations is available on the Website

Online Store.

§ 3 Conditions of participation in the Promotion

1. Any Customer of the Online Store may participate in the Promotion,

who has full legal capacity, which during the period

during the Promotion will meet all of the following conditions: add to the "Cart"

Goods or Goods included in the assortment of the Online Store

enter the AFTERPARTY30 discount code in the order form in the field marked: "code

promotional", and then select the button: "ADD", accept

these Regulations by checking the appropriate box

in the form and will conclude a Sales Agreement on the terms described

in the Online Store Regulations.

2. After meeting the conditions referred to in §3 section 1 above, Participant

The Promotion receives a discount on the original price of the Sales Agreement

(orders), in the amount of:

 30% - in relation to Sales Agreements


3. This Promotion cannot be combined with other promotional campaigns.

4. During the duration of this Promotion, the Customer may become its Participant

repeatedly (any number of times), each time the conditions are met

participation in the Promotion specified in these Regulations.

5. Participation in the Promotion is voluntary.

§ 4 Complaints

1. The Participant may submit a complaint to the Organizer

with participation in the Promotion. A complaint can be submitted, for example:

in electronic form and sent to the Organizer's e-mail address: In the complaint, the Participant is responsible for:

include a description of the problem. The organizer immediately, but not

later than within 14 (fourteen) days, it considers complaints and responds

reply to the Participant's e-mail address provided

in the complaint.

2. Rules for the Participant's use of warranty rights

physical or legal defects of the Goods are included in § 7 of the Store Regulations

Internet. Provisions n

do not violate these Regulations or

do not limit the Participant's warranty rights,

in accordance with applicable law.

3. The Organizer does not use out-of-court dispute resolution,

referred to in the Act of 23 September 2016 on extrajudicial

resolving consumer disputes.

§ 5 Withdrawal from the Distance Sales Agreement

1. Rules for the consumer to exercise the right to withdraw

contracts concluded remotely are included in § 9 of the Store Regulations

Internet. The provisions of these Regulations do not violate either

do not limit the Participant's right to withdraw

from a distance sales contract, in accordance with applicable laws

legal provisions.

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