Undyed copper jewelry wire 0.6mm 7 [m] (spool) DR06MI0

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Sales unit: 7 [m] (spool)
Diameter: 0.6 [mm]
Material: copper
Color: copper

Copper wire 0.6 mm, on a spool of 7 meters. Jewelery wire is the basic element of a handicraft workshop equipment. Used for wrapping, splicing, braiding, weaving, or in thicker versions to build the basis of a jewelry project. Copper wires can be dyed with special chemical pastes or electrolysis, they can also be patinated and oxidized giving a characteristic aging effect. Wires are most often used in the technique called "Wire wrapping", in which, with the help of various strands and wire thicknesses, intricate envelopes for decorative stones are created.

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