Koraliki szklane mini kostki 2.4mm biały opal 200szt SZSZKO0201

Glass beads mini cubes 2.4mm white opal 200pcs SZSZKO0201

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Sales unit: 140 [pcs.] +/- 3 pcs
Material: cut crystal glass
Diameter: 2.4 +/- 0.2 [mm]
Hole diameter: 0.6 [mm]
Color: white iridescent gold

Glass beads mini cubes. White color with an iridescent gold effect. Beautifully reflecting light, perfect beads for small bracelets and rings on an elastic band. Crystal beads are most often used for bracelets, but even individually added to earrings will emphasize their charm and add shine. However, nothing prevents you from using them in the way your imagination tells you. Beads made of good quality glass, colored in the mass, not coated or varnished. Sold in strings of 200 pieces.

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