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Pastels / glass beads 8mm pink 104 pieces SZPS0816Pastels / glass beads 8mm pink 104 pieces SZPS0816

Pastels / glass beads 8mm pink 104 pieces SZPS0816

€ 2.03


Series: Pastels glass beads
Sales unit: 104 pcs. +/- 3 pcs
Material: glass
Diameter: 8.0 [mm]
Hole size: 1.1 [mm]
Pink color

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Beads for bracelets, pink, glass, Pastels series, 8mm beads. Beads in the most typical size for bracelets, you can match them, crystal or metal beads, to the set you can choose ties or rings to mount the pendants. Pastel colors, nice workmanship will certainly find fans of these beads. Pastels are always in fashion, the elegant jewelry made of them will be eye-catching for a long time.


Zuzanna Koniarska
Mateusz Koniarski

Rzemieślnicza 29
77-300 Człuchów

Bank account (PLN):
45 1160 2202 0000 0001 8232 6723
(Bank Millenium S.A.)

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