Czapeczki z bolcem do przyklejania złote 7x5mm 10szt AKG380A

Caps with a pin for sticking gold 7x5mm 10pcs AKG380A

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Sales unit: 10 pcs.
Color: Gold
Material: plated copper
Dimensions: 7 x 5 [mm]
Pin thickness: 1 [mm]
Hole size: 1.6 [mm]

Gold Caps for Pasting Single Hole Beads. They look good with balls of any size. After entering "for pasting on a pin" in the store search engine, a list of products that can be used for this type of caps will be displayed. The caps should be selected by matching the size to the size of the bead. The remaining caps can be found under the slogan "caps with a pin". The cup is shaped and decorated, the mesh is quite large. You can build elements of earrings, pendants for bracelets and necklaces on it. It will work as an addition to small elements of the key ring.

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