as decoration clothes were already known in the thirteenth century. They have evolved throughout history, walking away into oblivion and back to the heights of popularity. For some time return to favor. Also known as a kit, or tassel fontaź. Less successfully they used for bracelets, bigger, longer for earrings or pendants. Bracelets have never been so attractive now most. Not only that, it is decorated with pendants, it still come with the help tassels. Fringes for bracelets, strong> are usually smaller, more delicate. The choice should be dictated by the size of the size of the bracelets. It not without significance is also the material of which the bracelet was made. For bracelets with leather straps can be adjusted suede tassels, beads Seed Beads for the mini version. Does it matter the material they are made of? Zwolenniczki boho style is probably appreciates cotton variety. Here colors are more subdued, matte finish and natural effect. viscose tassels strong> are beautiful, durable and juicy colors. Lint and harder to rozdwajają. Gloss finish is exactly what comes most often in jewelry. In a word - they are more popular. Part of the fringe is glued into the housing. Others can be safely mounted on wheels or mounting paste to the tip rzemieni.Długie successfully tassels adorn not only the earrings and pendants, as well as bookmarks and key chains or purses. P>