Zawieszka/ łącznik większe "O" 30x16mm / Żywica Art Deco / szylkret bordowy/ 1szt XZR0306

    Pendant / connector larger "O" 30x16mm / Art Deco resin / burgundy tortoiseshell / 1pc XZR0306

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    Sales unit: 1 [pcs]
    Material: eco-friendly resin
    Dimensions: 30 x 16 [mm]
    Hole diameter: 1.1 [mm]
    Color: cream, honey and burgundy

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    Maroon tortoiseshell - pendants or connectors in the shape of a large letter "O" 30 x 16 mm with a hole, made of ecological resin. It is great as an intermediate element, connecting several elements of a pendant or an earring, on the one hand it has a small hole for the mounting wheel, on the other, you can easily mount a tassel or other pendant on the mounting wheel. The pendant can be used as a pendant in a necklace or earring. Art Deco resin gives unlimited color possibilities, here we have a mixture based on translucent honey-colored resin combined with burgundy and cream additions. The color has been marked as XZR03 and all elements in this color have such a string of characters in the code, after entering them in the store search engine, all available elements in this color will be found.