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Taylor swift- koraliki na bransoletki przyja┼║niMuszelki do bi┼╝uterii
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Uwielbiam nosi─ç bransoletki na gumce, kt├│re s─ů zrobione z moich ulubionych kamieni!­čĄş­čĄŹ
Czy Ty te┼╝ takie nosisz?

#manzuko #koraliki #tutorial #bransoletka #sklepzkoralikami #r─Ökodzie┼éo #handmadeWyzwanie SZNUREK + KAMIE┼â dobieg┼éo ko┼äca. Jak zwykle mog┼éy┼Ťmy na Was liczy─ç i zg┼éosi┼éy┼Ťcie sporo prac w komentarzach ­čśŹ 

Wybranie zwyci─Ö┼╝czyni naprawd─Ö nie by┼éo ┼éatwe.­čśŹ
Gratulujemy, Twoje dzie┼éo zapiera dech w piersiach. ­čśŐ
Ci─Ö┼╝ko by┼éo nam podj─ů─ç decyzj─Ö, Wasze prace wygl─ůdaj─ů niesamowicie! 

Na karuzeli mo┼╝ecie zobaczy─ç wyr├│┼╝nione prace.

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­čśŹW tym miesi─ůcu postanowi┼éy┼Ťmy przeceni─ç nasze kryszta┼éki Lumos i Preciosa. Niech blask b─Ödzie z Wami ­čÖé

#manzuko #glow #lumos #sklepzkoralikami #r─Ökodzie┼éoÔÖĆ´ŞĆJaki jest Tw├│j znak zodiaku? 

#manzuko #koraliki #tutorial #rekodzielo #handmadeԝʴŞĆTaka okazja zdarza si─Ö raz na 4 lata,
dlatego te┼╝ wykorzystajmy j─ů na Kreatywn─ů Noc
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Jako dekoracja stroju znane by┼éy ju┼╝ w XIII wieku. Ewoluowa┼éy na przestrzeni dziej├│w, odchodz─ůc w zapomnienie i wracaj─ůc na szczyty popularno┼Ťci. Od jakiego┼Ť czasu powracaj─ů do ┼éask. Znane tak┼╝e jako kita, fr─Ödzel czy fonta┼║. Mniejsze z powodzeniem wykorzystywane s─ů do bransoletek, wi─Öksze, d┼éu┼╝sze na kolczyki lub wisiory.

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Shop with beads and accessories for making jewelry Manzuko

Passion for jewelry comes with time

It matures inside and timidly makes itself known when we combine individual semi-finished products for jewelry into one whole for the first time. It's a magical moment when an inconspicuous element turns into a decoration thanks to us, that we like to wear. Very often, satisfaction with the first attempts comes quickly and before we know it, more strings, bases and beads for jewelry appear in our growing workshop.

Usually, ideas are born faster than skills, but that's good - it's easier to develop the technique when we know what semi-finished products for making jewelry are a means to an end and where that goal is. Then comes the cream of the crop: the first praise from friends and families, children's delight... and finally, a little timidly, we start creating new jewelry as gifts for our loved ones. And finally, after some time - for our first clients. This is the moment when semi-finished products become part of a larger adventure in which passion turns into business.

These were the beginnings of our store with jewelry semi-finished products

The first long-awaited envelope, with... glass beads and ceramic, as well as a few other semi-finished products. A moment later there was a box, then a whole drawer, and finally a few baskets for jewelry beads and a blanket spread on the floor before Christmas , because the bench is too small and the balls fell from it to the ground anyway. And in our case, the first beads shop online allowed us to develop our passion for making jewelry and the joy of creating something from nothing without having to leave our town. We cultivate this hobby in to this day and we happily spread it to everyone around us.

Our jewelry beads shop currently

Today, Manzuko is a group of a dozen or so girls, supported by a male IT team. We are led by a red-haired boss full of ideas and energy to act. Together, we are a warm mix of women of different characters, passions and predispositions. However, each of us puts a lot of effort into We put our hearts into making our store with jewelry semi-finished products have the best possible association. If you want to get to know our creative team better, please visit the About us tab, where you will find a few words about each girl building this company, and if you want to find out for more, check out the pinned stories on our Instagram.

Buying semi-finished products for making jewelry is a great pleasure

Shopping is a source of many emotions for us, although sometimes they are contradictory. We are happy to look for new inspirations, discover new patterns and colors of products for our jewelry beads store. Visions of all the accessories immediately appear in our heads, which will be possible to create from new semi-finished products. Of course, we are not always sure that everything we buy will meet the customers' tastes, sometimes the goods reach us with a delay, and sometimes it turns out that one box has been forgotten thousands of kilometers from our company.

We try to ensure that our store with semi-finished products for jewelry (and more!) meets all the expectations of our customers. Moreover, we are very happy if we manage to surprise handicraft enthusiasts with new products. We try to make shopping in our bead store a hobby in itself and a pleasure. We believe that purchasing beautiful things that enable the development of your passions or business ideas, waiting for the shipment and the joy of unpacking these treasures are certainly pleasant experiences. classes.

We also know that shopping can be stressful. It's easy to forget something, sometimes it's difficult to judge the size or color, the parcel is late, the quality is not the same, and we want our customers to be 100% satisfied.

That's why we at Manzuko work for you

We provide advice, knowledge, experience and tell you everything about our assortment. We like to create a handicraft community full of support and understanding. We strive to ensure that good customer service is definitely not an empty slogan or a marketing trick in our case - we really are at your disposal.

How to check it? Just write or call us! At manzuko, we try to combine creativity with competence and kindness. Semi-finished products for making jewelry is what we know best, with regular customers we know each other so well that when we look at new beads or pendants, we know that they will like them. We remember our favorite beads from natural stones of our regular customers and we know well who is most waiting for the delivery of new strings.

We are happy to help you choose the perfect jewelry semi-finished products that are useful for beginners and advanced users alike. We easily advise on what products are suitable for the youngest craftsmen and explain how to deal with shopping in online store, if someone has never done it before. Our clients include little girls, as well as women who have been grandmothers for a long time, each of them is equally important to us and we want each of them to be able to create their dream jewelry.

Manzuko is not just a shop with beads for jewelry

You will find all this in the individual sections of our store. Our beads for making jewelry are particularly popular, and we offer several thousand of them. Here you will findsemi-finished products made of stones, acrylic, glass (including the popular Miyuki beads), ceramics, porcelain, leather, surgical steel, wood, cotton or nylon. Small beads such as toho beads, as well as large-sized ceramic and wooden balls, can be easily threaded on lines, fishing lines, rubber bands, strings or straps, which can be found in many shades.

We also make sure that you have a way to display and pack your accessories. Therefore, our jewelry beads store offers several types of displays and packaging made of various materials. Moreover, there will be We have the tools necessary to create handicrafts and gadgets that, in our opinion, complement the handicraft workshop.

These include hand-designed notebooks that facilitate any creative activity and are a perfect place to write down fresh ideas or shopping lists. Additionally, we also offer a large selection of beautiful stickers for wrapping gifts and orders, which are not only a nice accent on package, but also constitute an element of building your brand, thanks to which customers will remember you better!

Our entire store is at your disposal! If you are looking for inspiration or information about our jewelry semi-finished products, visit our blog and Instagram, we will be happy to welcome you to our handicraft community.

Wishing you successful and pleasant shopping!

The Manzuko Team

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