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Notebooks, stickers, vouchers

In this category, we present products that are slightly less correlated with jewelry. Here you will find gift ideas for both yourself and other artists. What's more, the articles we offer are a perfect complement to both amateur and professional craft workshops.

Set of notebooks

Each set includes four notebooks with our original graphics. The print is delicate and does not interfere with reading the notes written on the sheets, even if they are written with a pencil. Notebooks are a great addition to the studio, perfect for writing to-do lists, writing down products that you need to order. The notebooks are made of high-quality paper, and the pages are neatly stuck together on the spines. Thanks to this, the pages break off only if we want to. What's more, we simply enjoy their pastel, feminine patterns. The set is wrapped in foil and wrapped with a wide pink ribbon tied in a bow, making it look wonderful and suitable as a gift.


We have been adding original stickers to orders sent for a long time. The positive reception of our clients exceeded our expectations. After many requests, we are finally proud to add stickers to our offer. All stickers are round and 5 cm in diameter. They are made of paper and cut into individual squares, each with one sticker. We designed and printed over a dozen patterns in various color variants and with various messages. The stickers carry various positive messages, some inform who the item was made for, others that it was made for love, and still others wish you a nice day. For those of you who sell handicrafts on international platforms, there are stickers with inscriptions in English. Their diversity will allow you to match the type of stickers to the style of your jewelry. They will certainly be a nice addition to your products, and in addition, they will make customers remember their purchases for longer. They look perfect on paper bags, adding some color to them.


A gift voucher is a great gift idea for our regular customers and creative people. They are also perfect as a gift for the person you want to infect with a passion for handicraft and jewelry making. We offer vouchers in three price categories: PLN 20, PLN 50 and PLN 100. We send the purchased coupon in an e-mail to be printed. Various voucher formats are available depending on your preferences. These coupons contain a discount code of the value you choose. They remain valid throughout the year from the date of receipt. Coupons can be used once and in full.

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