In the category of jewelry you will find mainly pearl earrings, wood earrings and matching them to the wooden bracelets. P>

The Earrings of wood mostly been laser cut in various patterns. Some are made of raw wood, though most were painted in various colors. Some of them have a computer-printed patterns. The same applies with pearl earrings. P>

The majority of them are large, but not very heavy. Patterned circle earrings are visible in the dissolved hair and summer are a great addition. You will certainly find something that will fit your style. Will it be a spiral black, romantic teardrop dried flower or crazy, rainbow panther. P>

Fans smaller earrings will find the wooden operating pen, which have imprinted delicate, colorful designs. And several smaller models wooden earrings hanging. P>

Both earrings and bracelets may be only a basis for further work. They'll be sanded, or painted a different color. They can be successfully taped. To openwork wooden earrings we can easily attach tassels, feathers, or pendants. Some of them will also be decorated with beads look good. P>

earrings are made of organic materials, and the ear wires nieuczulającego alloy. P>

They are great as small gifts, accessories to gifts, and souvenirs from holidays. P>

Most designs have bracelets earrings and also in bulk quantities. P>