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Zodiac signs

Signs of the zodiac
Zodiac signs are a fascinating topic that has aroused the interest of many artists and others for centuries. The zodiac signs are twelve sectors in the sky that correspond to the constellations through which the sun moves successively during the year. The roots of the zodiac signs go back to ancient Babylon, it was there that astrology was created, which was a way to interpret the influence of heavenly bodies on human fate. Later, the zodiac signs and their astrological interpretation were developed by the ancient Greeks, who combined them with mythology and gave them a deeper meaning.

There are twelve zodiac signs such as: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Each zodiac sign has its own characteristics that determine the personality traits, predispositions, talents, weaknesses and interests of people born under a given sign. For each of them, a horoscope is also determined, which is supposed to predict the future of the person of a given sign.

The zodiac signs are also divided into four groups according to the seasons and elements to which they belong. In astrology, the season affects temperament and mood, and the element affects the way of acting and reacting to the environment. According to some, knowing the zodiac signs can help you understand yourself and others, as well as establish and maintain relationships with people with similar or different signs. Others treat astrology as entertainment or as an element of aesthetics.
Semi-finished products with zodiac signs
In our bead shop, we have collected some products that can be dedicated to specific symbols. Since we have quite a lot of them on the shelves, we decided to present them to you and sort them into individual zodiacs. Jewelry findings related to zodiac signs can be divided into two categories. The first are pendants for zodiac signs, which usually represent symbols assigned to specific zodiacs. Some of them are similar to the pattern in which the stars are arranged, others are closer to the name of the constellation itself. The second group of products are stones for zodiac signs. It is not entirely known who assigned the amulets to the zodiacs, and their versions vary slightly depending on the source.
Jewelry with the zodiac sign
Even if you don't believe in the magical power of horoscopes and what your zodiac sign says about you, it doesn't disqualify you from enjoying astrological jewelry! You can treat zodiacal symbols in jewelry as minimalist patterns. Moreover, pendants with zodiac signs can be a mysterious way to personalize jewelry. Instead of wearing a symbol related to your birth, you can choose the zodiac sign of loved ones and people important to you.

Additionally, creating jewelry for someone containing stones related to their zodiac or zodiac pendants is a great idea. It not only makes it easier to choose semi-finished products, but also gives us a chance to demonstrate our knowledge about the other person. And if someone believes in astrological predictions, such jewelry can become an important talisman for that person.
Stones and pendants for zodiac signs at
We were surprised by how many customers search for stones for zodiac signs and pendants with zodiac symbols. Due to the popularity of these astrological jewelry pieces, we decided to create separate categories dedicated to individual zodiacs. We hope this will make your shopping even easier and more enjoyable.

You can find pendants for zodiac signs here mainly in metal form. Most zodiac pendants are made of surgical steel and are cast or engraved. Zodiac signs for bracelets come in the form of acrylic cubes, which are light and durable.

Zodiac stones are primarily beads in various shapes and sizes, from which you can easily create any type of jewelry. We offer a wide selection of polished, raw and faceted beads, so you can easily find the perfect stones for jewelry related to your zodiac sign.

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