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Stones and pendants for Aries

Aries is the first astrological sign of the zodiac. This happens because the sun is the first to cross this constellation from the zero meridian to the thirtieth meridian. Zodiac dates for Aries are between March 20 and April 20. The history of this zodiac sign dates back to Mesopotamia in the 3rd century BC. The legend of Aries was closely associated with the myth of the golden fleece. The ram was supposed to symbolize the victory of the solar gods over the lunar constellations and the rebirth of nature after the winter rest.

The element of Aries is fire. It is no wonder that people of this zodiac sign are credited with a lot of energy, strength and courage. In astrology, Aries people are brave and adventure-seeking, not afraid to be a leader. The zodiac colors for Aries are red, white and green. Red symbolizes fire and passion, while white and green represent purity of intention and the desire to develop.
Stones for zodiacal Aries
You will probably not be surprised that yarrow is the most common talisman offered to people born under this sign. Other stones for Aries are diamonds, aquamarines, jaspers, especially red ones, and topaz. It seems that jewelry for Aries should contain at least one element of red. If you do not want to use the stones we mentioned, consider using a pendant with the Aries symbol attached to a red string or strap.
Aries and other signs
Zodiacal Aries are described as risk-takers with competitive tendencies. Such people can be a bit possessive in relationships. Interestingly, the strong personality of Aries does not discourage them from each other. Aries are among the few zodiac signs that are compatible with each other. Additionally, Aries get along well with other zodiacs of the fire element, i.e. Leo and Sagittarius. Capricorns and Cancers are the least compatible with Aries.

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