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Stones and pendants for Taurus

The birth dates of Taurus zodiac signs are April 21 to May 20. In Greek mythology, we encounter the Taurus twice. He is not only the father of the famous Minotaur, but also the same creature that Heracles captured as part of the 12 Labors. The Cretan Bull wreaked havoc and capturing it was quite a challenge. This is probably where the strength and determination attributed to the zodiac signs of Taurus comes from.

The element of Taurus is Earth, which explains why people of this zodiac sign are quite stable and laid-back. Additionally, Taurus zodiac signs have their feet firmly on the ground, but are also extremely patient. Taurus's sense of peace and need for relaxation go hand in hand with love for everything that is best in life. Taurus people love good food, relaxing trips and massages, the nicest fabrics and, of course, the most beautiful jewelry!
What blanks and stones for Taurus
The color of Taurus is quite unexpectedly pink. You can use this color in basic elements such as strings and thongs, or choose rose gold instead of other metal colors. However, most accessories for zodiac signs revolve around stones that are believed to have magical powers.

Stones for Taurus are emeralds and green aventurine, which perfectly correspond to the earth element. Other gems include sapphires and amber, as well as lapis lazuli. The last stone, but probably the one that best fits the characteristics of a Taurus, is rose quartz.
Taurus and other signs
Calm Taurus often lead the family, taking care of its finances and everyday matters. In relationships, they provide a sense of stability and security. Taurus are most compatible with other earth signs, namely Virgo and Capricorn. Additionally, they get along quite well with Libra. Interestingly, according to astrologers, Taurus is the least compatible with Leo and Aquarius.

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