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Stones and pendants for Cancer

Although we call this zodiac sign Cancer, its symbol is actually a crab. Cancers are born on the summer solstice, the birth dates of Cancer are from June 21 to July 22. The zodiac sign of Cancer is associated with a little-known myth related to the adventures of Hercules. In this myth, Hera sent a giant crab named Karkinos to earth. This large crustacean helped the Lernaean hydra during its fight against the hero and died in this battle. Hera, out of gratitude for Crab's sacrifice and out of hatred for Hercules, placed both Crab and Hydra in the sky as constellations.

Cancers are famous for being protective and putting family first. According to astrologers, Cancers are very emotional and often create a "shell" to protect their delicate interior, which they will not allow anyone to enter. Cancer's sensitivity supports their intuition, which they say they have the best. They are natural homebodies for whom a movie night with the family is much more tempting than drinks with friends.
Stones for Cancers
The lucky zodiacal colors of Cancer are indigo and silver. This means that silver pendants and chains, including those made of surgical steel, will work perfectly as accessories for Cancerians. The astrological amulets of this zodiac sign include labradorite and moonstone, as well as rubies, carnelians and emeralds. We also can't forget about beautifully shiny pearls and opals, which seem perfect for this water sign of the zodiac.
Cancer and other signs
As with other zodiacs, Cancers are most compatible with other water signs. This means that the zodiacal Cancer will get along best with Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer and Capricorn zodiac signs are expected to have equally good relations. The least compatibility of Cancers is described in their relationships with Aries and Libra.

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