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Stones and pendants for Virgo

Virgos are born at the turn of summer and autumn, from August 23 to September 22. This sign is related to Astraia, who was the Goddess of Justice in ancient Greek mythology. In the stories, she was also the last of the immortal goddesses who lived among humans. However, she returned to the firmament when she realized the human cruelty and the extent of the crimes committed. In the sky, it became the constellation of Virgo, and its attribute turned into the constellation of Libra.

Contrary to stereotypes about young women, Virgos are considered extremely logical and orderly people. Their systematic approach, critical thinking and highly developed sense of duty make them extraordinary employees. The trap, however, is that zodiacal Virgos often work excessively. However, their astrological features also include care for health and harmony in life.
Stones for the zodiacal Virgo
The color for the zodiac sign of Virgo is brown, and in jewelry you can use it as a base in the form of a string or strap. However, if you want to create more exciting jewelry, you can use any of the stones recommended for Virgos. In astrology, sapphires, jaspers, carnelians, amazonites, rhodonites and zircons are assigned to this zodiac sign. Using these gems, you can create accessories in any colors that will be a talisman for you or someone close to you.
Virgo and other signs
Virgo's element is earth, which makes it a practical zodiac that likes rules and order. Because of this, Virgos do not get along at all with chaotic and spontaneous Gemini and Sagittarius. Of course, zodiacal Virgos are most compatible with other earth element signs, i.e. Capricorn and Taurus. However, there is a possibility that relationships with Pisces will also be fruitful.

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