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Stones and pendants for Libra

Libra are born from September 23 to October 22. Libras are calm, diplomatic and, of course, fair by nature. Harmony is important to them in every aspect of life. They value balance in every aspect of life. Interestingly, Libra is the only zodiac sign that represents inanimate matter. The zodiacal Libra comes from the myth of Astraia, who was the Goddess of Justice. When human cruelties finally disappointed her, she fled from Earth to the firmament, creating the constellation Virgo, and Libra, which was her attribute, became another zodiac.

Although Libra has a great sense of justice, they often avoid confrontation. By nature, they are quite delicate and sensitive to others' harm. The element of Libra is air, which may be the reason why people of this zodiac sign love outdoor activities.
Stones for zodiacal Libra
By far the most recommended color for Libra is pink. No wonder the stones for this zodiac sign are rose quartz and tourmaline. In addition to them, the minerals for the zodiacal Libra are aquamarine and lapis lazuli. Amulets for Libra can also be accessories made of peridots or opals.
Libra and other signs
Balanced and sociable, Libra gets along best with Gemini and Aquarius, who also belong to the air element. Moreover, the zodiacal Libra will be compatible with Aries and Sagittarius. According to astrologers, they have the least chance for a good relationship with the zodiac signs Cancer and Capricorn.

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