chains for jewelry b> is a wide range of semi-finished giving many opportunities and solutions. The classic use as building a necklace or bracelet is nothing new. Chains may also play a role in the spacer bracelets for comfortable fastening. They can serve as chains bags, serving as a belt or be in addition to key chains. Our offer includes chains made from different materials such as copper and steel, surgical, or more complex alloys jewelery. Colors matched to commonly used items of jewelry to fit wheels facilitate assembly and fastening. Besides the classic oval mesh chain, you'll find rollo chains with round eyes, more fancy with different mesh, chains very delicate and massive for attaching charms. One of our best products in this category is a ball chain. We have it in several sizes and finishes. This chain works perfectly in many compositions, it is easy to install and convenient to adjust the length. For some time become a sales hit ball chains faceted and colorful. They look great, both alone, and in the color compositions. We sell chains by the meter strong> makes it easy to fit any length to the needs of the project. This solution also enables the creation of sets: with a bracelet or necklace dangling earrings. Interestingly chains present themselves matched the style and color, but different mesh size. This mix gives the impression of a well-thought-out and professional design. We care about the quality of our chains. The vast majority of them are made with the latest technology and has additional protection against color change and abrasions. P>