This is the most common mineral earth's crust. We find it in the most ordinary sand and gravel, but its variety is also beautiful amethyst, lemon, agate, jasper or opals. One legend has it that the name quartz, or rather its odmiany- rock crystal comes from the Greek word "krystallos" meaning ice. It was believed that quartz is created by a deity ice. P>

The mineral is used in very many fields; from electronics manufacturing, the detergents and scientific equipment to the goldsmiths. Its high hardness (Mohs 7) makes the mineral is ideally suited for the treatment of jewelery. P>

Quartz history h3>

Already in the twelfth century BC The Phoenicians used the rose quartz as an amulet, which was conducive to fertility, protect from evil and enemies turn into friends. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans also believed in the power of pink quartz. In addition talismans they used it for detoxification of toxins, and as a antitoxin. In addition Egypt esoteric protection pink quartz, rock crystal used to acting as a lens, helping to kindle ognień zogniskowanymi sunlight. P>

Quartz from the dawn of history was its use in the manufacture of ornaments, sculptures, vases, houses of worship or to make jewelery. Its global prevalence and richness of varieties for centuries attracted artisans in various fields. P>

Kwarc- stone of many faces h3>

may be a quartz crystal, clear or colored. His most popular variety is a transparent rock crystal and amethyst, as well as rose quartz and smoky quartz. Rose quartz supposedly attracts good energy, and alternative medicine proponents feel that supports the immune system and blood. A universal property of quartz seems to alleviating stress and improving concentration of those who wear it. P>

The strength and hardness of quartz makes it an ideal material for jewelers and craftsmen. You can not scratch it with steel, so not only creates a very beautiful, but durable and jewelry. The richness of colors that offers this mineral, allows you to create an almost infinite amount of jewelery design. P>