Rzemień skórzany pleciony 3mm morski ze szpuli 50cm RZIN3010

3mm sea braided leather strap on a 50cm spool RZIN3010

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Product: leather strap
Material: patent cowhide leather
Sales unit: 50 cm / multiple sold in one piece
Sea color
Diameter: 3.0 [mm]

A sea-color braided leather strap with a diameter of 3 mm. The strap is made of cowhide, woven on the core, which guarantees its durability and strength. The leather is nicely tanned, varnished, with a natural shine - protected against color loss. Strap for use in bracelets and short necklaces. Perfect for short men's collars and multi-breasted bracelets. Its tips can be glued to the frames, crimped in the ends with springs or adjustable ends.

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