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Jewelry strap

Crafts are one of the oldest semi-finished products known to the world. They have been produced since ancient times, when they were used to tie sandals, warmer shoes or clothes. The straps were also used as an element of simple jewelry - stones, small figurines or shells were hung on them to protect the wearer from all evil. Later, when Christianity spread in Europe, people began to wear a cross with a thong around their neck as a sign of faith in God. Due to their high mechanical strength, thongs were also commonly used to tie various things, and to make harnesses for horses.

Material for everyone

The strap is a great material for both beginners and advanced craftsmen. To make a strap bracelet, all you need is a glued clasp, glue and a strap of appropriate length. Such a strap bracelet, although simple to make, can easily become a favorite piece of jewelry, because it fits with everything and is easy to wear.

Strap bracelets can also be more complicated to make, combined with metal, embroidered or embossed. Bracelets with leather straps can be multicolored, braided and combined with other semi-finished products or make an impression without any accessories. Depending on your creativity, manual skills, tools and time you want to spend on making your leather bracelets.

Crafts - various types on offer from manzuko

Our store is a place where you can find a thong in many sizes, colors and made of various materials. We offer leather and suede thongs and sewn straps. A leather strap is a timeless semi-finished product that can be found in a variety of widths and colors. It is suitable for making jewelry for both men and women. We sell suede straps in over 100 beautiful colors. They are incredibly pleasant to the touch, so you can discover a new pleasure in wearing jewelry. Sewn strings are a novelty in the world of craftsmanship. The fabric is lined so that the thong can have any color, texture and appearance.

By browsing our store, you can discover straps in completely new versions that you have not thought of before. Get inspired and create jewelry that will delight you and your customers!

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