Koraliki Miracle 10mm grafitowe 10szt  XYHOKU1004

    Miracle beads 10mm graphite 10pcs XYHOKU1004

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    Sales unit: 10 pcs.
    Material: acrylic
    Grey colour
    Dimensions: 10 [mm]
    Hole diameter: approx. 1.6 [mm]

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    Gray Miracle beads with a diameter of 10 mm. The hole allows mounting both on a jewelry string and on a rubber band. The beads sparkle with an intriguing glow, attract the eye and, thanks to their originality, have not ceased to be fashionable for years. Miracle beads can be freely combined with various materials such as metal spacers, pendants made of surgical steel, beads made of other materials such as glass, stone or wood.