Miracle Beads, also known as Magic Beads, are very intriguing because they seem to glow in natural light. They also have the optical illusion of having a bead in the bead. Hence the names of these beads.

These magic beads are a variation of acrylic beads. The bead is repeatedly sprayed with reflective material and finished with an outer clear coating. It is these layers that create the alluring illusion of a bead in a bead and this makes the beads "glow" in natural light. They are great for beaded bracelets or as spacers for jewelry.

These beads originally came from Japan, but are now produced in many countries. However, it is not uncommon that they are still often referred to as "Japanese Miracle Beads".

Miracle beaded bracelets will be a great material for a set of bracelets or a complement to mixed sets.