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Zoisite with ruby - properties, care, use
Ruby zoisite is another mineral that has appeared in our bead shop in recent years. It quickly stole not only our hearts, but also gained popularity among our clients. No wonder, zoisite can certainly be considered one of the unique beads made of natural stones. Its dual character, natural patterns in the stone and noble colors make zoisite an ideal stone for creating beautiful accessories. Zoisite definitely stands out due to the depth of its color compared to other green stones such as amazonite or olivine.
Properties of ruby zoisite
Zoisite has been widely known for about two hundred years. Interestingly, sometimes zoisite with ruby can be called anyolite, which from Masai simply means green stone. This name was created in the second half of the 20th century, when it was believed that a new mineral had been discovered in Tanzania, which turned out to be ruby zoisite.
Zoisite is a completely opaque or semi-transparent stone. Transparent specimens are rare and, of course, they are among the most valued. The colors enclosed in zoisite are, of course, noble green and pink, but also brown, gray and even shades of blue and purple. The green of zoisite reflects the emerald content of the stone, while the pink is, of course, its ruby element. The larger the mosaic of colors in the stone, the more delicate it is. However, the general hardness of zoisite is estimated at 6-7, which is a popular result among stones used in jewelry.
Ruby zoisite - a stone perfect for jewelry
Zoisite looks like a cosmic nebula enclosed in a small, shiny stone. Due to its uniqueness, it is difficult to combine it with other decorative stones. Although zoisite has a cool color like aquamarine or moonstone beads, their combination does not look good. Moreover, it is difficult to find agate beads - one of the most universal stones - that match ruby zoisite. In our opinion, some colors of spinels, onyx and blackstone suit zoisite.
However, zoisite, although it does not combine well with other minerals, works great in both gold and silver accessories. Moreover, it looks good surrounded by glass semi-finished products, as well as pearls and mother of pearl, which emphasize the unique colors of the stone. It looks great with a dark leather strap, which highlights the glassy glow of zoisite. Regardless of what semi-finished products you choose for your zoisite jewelry, it will certainly be delightful.
How to care for zoisite ruby
Unfortunately, the presence of different minerals within one bead or cabochon may weaken the structure of the stone. This is why it is worth protecting zoisites against falls and impacts. An unfortunate injury to a sensitive point can cause the ruby zoisite to crack. For the same reason, we recommend protecting zoisite accessories against extreme temperatures and environments with different humidity. If possible, avoid wet cleaning of zoisite, as well as steam and ultrasonic cleaners. Instead, use a soft cloth to clean ruby zoisite accessories.

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