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Rhodonite - a stone perfect for jewelry
Natural stone beads are one of our most dynamically developing categories on our website. This definitely reflects how popular they are among our clients. We are pleased to present you beads made of rhodonite, a beautiful decorative stone. The name rhodonite comes from the Greek rhodos meaning pink, which reflects the color of this stone.
Rhodonite - properties
The properties of rhodonite make it an ideal stone for jewelry. Unlike agate or jasper beads, rhodonite can only be found in one color. This does not mean, however, that these beads are boring, the color of this mineral comes in many variations, from light, pastel roses to juicy, watermelon and raspberry colors. Its color is determined by the concentration of manganese and iron compounds in the mineral. Sometimes the structure of rhodonite is interwoven with dark or light veins, which make its appearance more attractive. Beads made of it are opaque and have a glassy, and sometimes pearly, shine. Transparent rhodonites are extremely rare, which makes them extremely valuable and expensive.

Important properties of rhodonite include its hardness, as it translates into the durability of the beads. Rhodonite is a quite hard stone, rated at 5.5 - 6.5 on the Mohs scale. This means that rhodonite beads are quite scratch-resistant and you don't have to worry that they will break if accidentally dropped.
How to use rhodonite beads
In our bead shop you will find both smooth and faceted rhodonite balls in various shades and sizes. Of course, they combine perfectly with other natural semi-finished products such as aquamarine and pearl beads or mother of pearl. Amazonite and larimar go perfectly with the pink of rhodonite. And if you want to emphasize unique black patterns in the natural structure of the stone, combine rhodonite with onyx or black spinel.
Thanks to the durability of these beads, you can use them to create any type of jewelry. You can string rhodonite beads on fishing lines, strings, rubber bands and wires as you wish. This stone is suitable for bracelets, earrings, necklaces and even key chains.

Due to the different shades of pink in which you will find rhodonite beads, you can match them to steel blanks in both their natural and golden colors. This means that properly selected rhodonite can suit any type of beauty. However, we must admit that their color makes them extremely rare in men's accessories.
Rhodonite - stone care rules
Good hardness and water resistance make rhodonite a stone that is extremely easy to care for. You can clean rhodonite beads traditionally in lukewarm water using a cloth and mild detergents. However, you can also use steam or even ultrasonic cleaners to clean rhodonite jewelry. Of course, we recommend starting with gentler methods. After cleaning, always dry the stones before returning them to the box. Always try to isolate jewelry from other accessories to avoid tangling it and scratching the surface of the beads.

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