glass Exclusive

This category contains glass beads from the upper shelf. These materials are extremely beautiful, delicate and unique. Like most extremely valuable semi - our exclusive glass beads are handmade. All manufacturers supplying us these beads are European masters of their craft. Each of them uses the highest quality materials to create their small works of art. Beads are not widely available, and some are done only for our company on request. We also try to discover new producers and bring beads of niche art workshops. The techniques used by our suppliers include improved methods of Italian and, more specifically Venetian craftsmen. Beads in this category are characterized by incredible attention to performance, the materials of the highest quality and limited amount in the world. P>

Beads castellated h3>

This is probably the most delicate beads offer manzuko. They are lampwork technique in which each bead is carried out separately. Glass rods are melted over the burner and formed into a desired shape. Openwork beads are made of glass semi-transparent in uniform colors or color gradient. They are extremely subtle and look like shiny lace adorns the body. Are hollow and thin strands of glass makes even big beads in this series are lightweight and extremely pleasant to wear. The same techniques are also made beads disks that phenomenal true in modern design. P>

Beads with the noble foil h3>

The second group of beads are those in which the embedded gold or silver foil. They also are made on the basis of the technique lampwork. In high-end glass is embedded a thin metal layer, which bursts forms a closed unique patterns in each bead. It is a refined version of Venetian glass beads, which is perfectly suited for jewelery made for special occasions. P>

Beads with relief patterns h3>

These are beads that are definitely unusual. Some of them resemble candy and evoke the nostalgic childhood. Part of them is inspired siedemdziesiątymi and osiemdziesiątymi. They are extravagant, "loud" and crazy. Attention to every detail of the embodiment guarantees that none of the relief elements will not fall off and do not spray off during wear. P>

Discover the extraordinary category of luxury glass beads. Meet highest quality glass made by the masters. Inspired unprecedented original design and materials. P>