Glass beads

Glass Beads strong> is one of our categories with the highest creative potential. A multitude of colors, shapes and techniques of performance can be intimidating. The choice is not easy. How to decide the superiority of the technique lamps made of beads or Venetian masters give simplicity and ascetic appearance of frosted glass summoning to mind the holiday finds. You need a ball, cube or tear, or maybe just a little? You plan to do earrings, bracelet or necklace and materials you need? You'll find it here. Adjust the required beads strong> in terms of color, size and surface finish. Only the imagination limits you. Adventure jewelry begins with the first bead and idea. Whether you stay tuned in search of specific copies, whether you are looking for inspiration, succumb to infatuation. Choosing, follow the color, size, and texture but also. Your project is an ascetic? Bet on monochrome, uniform texture and moderate size. You make something baroque? Rock out. Creating sets of bracelets, ensure consistency. Whether bracelets are in contrasting colors or pastels, additives should be in one style and color. With high probability we can assume that you choose more of them than there was in the premise. But where is the creativity? Surely rise of these beautiful items. P>