Exclusive glass

This category includes high-end glass beads. These are extremely beautiful, delicate and unique materials. Like most of the extremely valuable semi-finished products - our exclusive glass beads are made by hand. All manufacturers supplying us with these beads are European masters of their craft. Each of them uses the highest quality materials to create their small works of art. These beads are not widely available, and some are made only for our company, on request. We also try to discover new producers and import beads from niche art workshops. The techniques used by our suppliers are the improved methods of Italian, and more specifically Venetian, artisans. Beads in this category are characterized by incredible attention to workmanship, top-shelf materials and a limited number in the world.

Openwork beads

These are probably the softest beads in the manzuko range. They are made using the lampwork technique, in which each bead is made separately. The glass sticks are melted over the burner and formed into the desired shape. Openwork beads are made of semi-transparent glass in uniform colors or in a color gradient. They are extremely subtle and look like shiny lace adorning the body. They are empty inside, and the thin threads of glass make even large beads from this series incredibly light and pleasant to wear. The same technique is used to make beads and discs, which are perfect for contemporary design.

Beads with fine foil

The second group of beads are those with gold or silver foil embedded in them. They are also made on the basis of the lampwork technique. A thin layer of metal is embedded in high-quality glass, which, when cracking, creates unique patterns enclosed in each bead. It is a refined version of Venetian glass beads, which is perfect for jewelry made for special occasions.

Beads with convex patterns

These are beads that are definitely extraordinary. Some of them resemble candies and bring to mind the nostalgic times of childhood. Some of them are inspired by the seventies and eighties. They are extravagant, "loud" and crazy. Attention to every detail in their implementation guarantees that none of the convex elements will fall off and will not chip when worn.

Discover the extraordinary category of exclusive glass beads. Meet the highest quality glass made by masters. Get inspired by original design and unique materials.